代田の屏風長屋 Folding screen row house in Daita



用  途:長屋 / 新築
敷  地:東京都世田谷区代田
工  期:2020年10月~2021年4月
構造規模:木造 / 地上2階
構造設計:田中哲也 / 田中哲也建築構造計画
施  工:ダブルボックス
写  真:中山保寛

【Exhibition】かたちが語るとき-ポストバブルの日本建築家たち-展 / 2020
【Publication】新建築2月号 / 2022
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[[ENGLISH]]This is a project for four row houses, including the owner’s residence, in Daita, Setagaya-ku. We were required to plan the layout of the building while avoiding the fragrant olive , loquat and persimmon trees that grow naturally on the site. Therefore, the entire row house was designed as a folding screen to avoid the existing tall trees and to create a structurally stable building. By placing the volumes on the perimeter of the site, a common courtyard is created, providing access to each unit and creating a landscape that is both enclosed and bright. In addition, by slightly shifting the angle of the folding screen, the line of sight and shadows of the plants create movement in the courtyard. While enjoying such a beautiful courtyard, we have drawn a line between public and private, creating a crisp and clear relationship between the units and the courtyard.

Type:Row house / Newly
Location:Daita Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Design period:08/2018~09/2020
Construction period:10/2020~04/2021
Structure / Number of Floors:W / 2F
Building area:146.32sqm
Total floor area:236.44sqm
Structural engineer:Tetsuya Tanaka / Tetsuya Tanaka Structural Engineers
Builder:Double Box
Photographer:Yasuhiro Nakayama

【Exhibition】When Form Speaks: New Architectural Movements in Japan / 2020
【Publication】SHINKENCHIKU 02 / 2022
【Web Media】archello
【Web Media】Archdaily
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[[ENGLISH]]We are planning a row house in Daita, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo.


2021_代田の屏風長屋 2021_Folding screen row house in Daita