ID学園高等学校 池袋キャンパス ID Gakuen high school Ikebukuro campus



用  途:学校 / 改修
敷  地:東京都豊島区⻄池袋1丁目
工  期:2022年6月~2022年7月
構造規模:S造 / 地上6階(テナント部分)
施  工:ダブルボックス
写  真:中山保寛

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[[ENGLISH]]This is a high school tenant renovation project in a commercial building built in front of the west exit of JR Ikebukuro Station. In addition to three different sized classrooms, the school is arranged with a teaching staff space and a common area for students to use spontaneously. As well as classrooms where students can concentrate on their studies, they also required places that foster diverse interaction. Therefore, classrooms and common areas were separated by shelves with a resolution that allows both looking (not looking) + seeing (not seeing). In addition to its function as a shelf, for purer resolution, the 16 mm twin carbos take the axial force of the shelf, allowing the 21 mm wood planks to achieve a 1,800 mm long span without deflection. In other words, it is a partition that divides space, a shelf, but also a device that projects students’ activities in various resolutions and provides them with a place to stay.

Type:School / Renovation
Location:1, Nishiikebukuro Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Design period:01/2022~05/2022
Construction period:06/2022~07/2022
Structure / Number of Floors:S / 6F(tenant part)
Total floor area:407.75sqm(tenant part)
Builder:Double Box
Photographer:Yasuhiro Nakayama

【Web Media】archello
【Web Media】


2022_ID学園高等学校 池袋キャンパス 2022_ID Gakuen high school Ikebukuro campus
2022_ID学園高等学校 池袋キャンパス 2022_ID Gakuen high school Ikebukuro campus