海のにぎわい創出プロジェクト休憩交流施設 A rest and recreation facility for marine lively creation project

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【Proposal】海のにぎわい創出プロジェクト休憩交流施設プロポーザル ファイナリスト ※高橋茂弥建築設計と共同

[[ENGLISH]]This is a plan for a rest and recreation facility and restrooms to be built in the Doukasa beach area of Fukuroi City, Shizuoka Prefecture. The building was required to be symbolic as a node connecting the marine and sports activity areas in this area, and we expressed the scenery of the beach with waves of various sizes lapping the shore in a series of vault roofs, using the traditional Japanese pattern of blue ocean waves as a motif. The floor plan and roof plan are considered separately and orthogonal to each other, resulting in a cross configuration of the two axes and linking the two areas. In addition, a series of rhythmic vault ceilings of various sizes create a comfortable environment that makes you want to stay for a long time and allows for natural ventilation.

【Proposal】Proposal for a rest and recreation facility for marine lively creation project ”Finalist” *with Shigeya Takahashi Architects Office

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2023_海のにぎわい創出プロジェクト休憩交流施設 2023_A rest and recreation facility for marine lively creation project
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