街に寄り添う設計事務所 Architect office nestle to the town



用  途:事務所 / 改修
敷  地:東京都新宿区北新宿
工  期:2020年8月~2020年9月
構造規模:S造 / 地上1階(テナント部分)
施  工:丹澤工務店+DOG
写  真:中山保寛+高栄智史

【Publication】商店建築11月号 / 2021
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[[ENGLISH]]It is a new base plan of DOG architect office, located a 6-minute walk from JR Higashi-Nakano Station, and is in a green environment such as Kanda River and Kashiwagi Park. Then you go down the steep slope from Higashi-Nakano, the shopping street continues to the new office, and you can see it as a linear public space that connects the bustle around the station and the quiet residential area. So our architect office decided to nestle to the town. This “nestling” does not mean “opening” positively to the city, but we have set up a bench that can be used by anyone with a width of 500 mm from the sidewalk while ensuring privacy. By adjoining the gallery and meeting space, we intend to create a “moderate relationship” between the city and the architect office.

Type:Office / Renovation
Location:Kitashinjuku Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Design period:05/2020~07/2020
Construction period:08/2020~09/2020
Structure / Number of Floors:S / 1F(tenant part)
Total floor area:51.06sqm(tenant part)
Co-designer:Satoshi Takae
Builder:Tanzawa Komuten Co. + DOG
Material cooperation:TOKYO KOEI + SHIKOKU KASEI + DAIKO
Photographer:Yasuhiro Nakayama + Satoshi Takae

【Publication】SHOTENKENCHIKU 11 / 2021
【Web Media】gooood
【Web Media】


[[ENGLISH]]We are planning a DOG’s head office in Kita Shinjuku.


2020_街に寄り添う設計事務所 2020_Architect office nestle to the town