間々田保育所 Nursery school in Mamada

【Proposal】間々田地区新設保育所プロポーザル 最優秀 ※シオダ建築デザイン事務所と共同
【Publication】GA JAPAN 188 / 2024

[[ENGLISH]]【Proposal】Proposal for a new nursery school in Mamada, Oyama City ”1st place” *with SHIODA Arch & Design Atelier
【Publication】GA JAPAN 188 / 2024


[[ENGLISH]]We won the 1st prize in a proposal for a new nursery school in the Mamada area of Oyama City, Tochigi Prefecture, and are planning a nursery school rooted in the community.


Ongoing_間々田保育所 Nursery school in Mamada