住宅772 772 houses



【Award】団地再生卒業設計賞 奨励賞
【Award】10大学の合同卒業設計展 銅賞
【Award】東京理科大学卒業設計 優秀賞

[[ENGLISH]]This is an experimental urban village proposal to convert all 772 Fukasawa Houses in Fukasawa, Meguro-ku into Detached houses while maintaining the same area. The basement area of one house is always wide, and it becomes a barnacle type that becomes narrower as the height increases. As a result, the ground level is planned to have a moderate density as an urban village.

【Award】Diploma works of housing estate revival ”fine work”
【Award】Exhibition of diploma works in 10 universities ”bronze prize”
【Award】Diploma work of Tokyo university of science ”excellent award”

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2006_住宅772 2006_772 houses
2006_住宅772 2006_772 houses