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用  途:診療所+事務所 / 新築(C工事)
敷  地:神奈川県横浜市神奈川区
工  期:2019年11月~2020年3月
構造規模:S造 / 地上2階(テナント部分)
施  工:ルーヴィス
写  真:中山保寛

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[[ENGLISH]]This is a plan for an internal medicine clinic and a visiting clinic office in Shinkoyasu, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama. By connecting the waiting area for internal medicine clinic and the open space for visiting clinic office, we have created a space where patients can easily consult with staff and move around. Since it is a C construction on the 2nd floor, we have inserted a “C-shaped” arc wall into the rectangular tenant space as a strong form that does not rely on the site context. The inside of this arc wall is used as a common area for waiting and open spaces, and the perimeter side is used as a medical examination and office area. The oak flooring of the common area is the first arc-shaped sticking in Japan with a trapezoidal piece for each piece, and the arc wall is a gradation diatomite finish from soil color to white to express the connection of common area functions.

Type:Clinic + Office / Newly(Interior work)
Location:Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa, Japan
Design period:11/2018~10/2019
Construction period:11/2019~03/2020
Structure / Number of Floors:S / 2F(tenant part)
Building area:325.29sqm
Total floor area:187.77sqm(tenant part)
Photographer:Yasuhiro Nakayama

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