一宮ウィークエンドハウス Weekend house in Ichinomiya

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用  途:住宅 / 新築
敷  地:千葉県長生郡一宮町
工  期:2022年2月~2022年8月
構造規模:木造 / 地上2階 + P1階
施  工:篠原商店
写  真:高栄智史

[[ENGLISH]]This is a house for two families in Ichinomiya City, Chiba Prefecture. Both families enjoy surfing, and the location of the Ichinomiya coast nearby and the size of the site have been used to create the appearance of a weekend house with plenty of space and living. In order to avoid the noise of the Kujukuri Beach Line, the road in front of the house, the houses of the two families are arranged in an L-shape, forming a ‘ロ’ shape as a whole, creating a rich courtyard while closing off the road side. Although the exterior of the house appears large, the height and size of each house as a separate building blends in with the townscape, giving the house a solemn appearance that could only be achieved in this location. This is made possible by the generosity and richness of the weekend house, where all the rooms face the courtyard and two families are allowed to share even their private areas.

Type:House / Newly
Location:IChinomiya-machi Chosei-gun, Chiba, Japan
Design period:06/2021~01/2022
Construction period:02/2022~08/2022
Structure / Number of Floors:W / 2F + P1
Building area:242.42sqm
Total floor area:240.65sqm
Co-designer:Satoshi Takae
Structural engineer:Kidate architect
Builder:Shinohara Shoten
Photographer:Satoshi Takae

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2022_一宮ウィークエンドハウス 2022_Weekend house in Ichinomiya