新玉小学校内装木質化改修 Interior renovation of Aratama Elementary school



【Proposal】新玉小学校内装木質化改修プロポーザル ファイナリスト ※I.R.A.と共同

[[ENGLISH]]This is a interior renovation of Aratama Elementary School in Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture. As a proposal to maximize the effect of wood conversion at a limited cost and construction period, by inserting a wood place with a small roof at the boundary between the classroom and the corridor, we thought about creating a lively atmosphere for children on both the classroom side and the corridor side. By continuously appearing a lively atmosphere in the corridor, we aimed to create a new woody landscape at Shintama Elementary School.

【Proposal】Proposal for Interior renovation of Aratama Elementary school ”Finalist” *with I.R.A.

2020_新玉小学校内装木質化改修 2020_Interior renovation of Aratama Elementary school