対行政住宅 Administrative house

戸塚の家竣工 (1)


用  途:住宅 / 新築
敷  地:神奈川県横浜市戸塚区
工  期:2016年7月~2016年12月
構造規模:木造 / 地上2階
構造設計:金田泰裕 / yasuhirokaneda STRUCTURE
施  工:大同工業
写  真:新澤一平

【Award】第61回神奈川建築コンクール アピール賞(環境)+建築安全協会賞
【Award】SDレビュー2016 入選
【Exhibition】建築倉庫ミュージアムが選ぶ30代建築家展 / 2018
【Exhibition】U-35 Architects exhibition 2017
【Publication】ENGINE4月号 / 2018
【Publication】OCEANS4月号 / 2018
【Publication】ファインスチール夏号 / 2017
【Publication】新建築住宅特集5月号 / 2017
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[[ENGLISH]]It is a house for young couples have a hobby of motorcycle, and it’s located of yokohama-shi, kanagawa, Japan. A site becomes into a tiered stand where old retaining wall starts over two steps. Furthermore, this site has various legal limitation and it was able to be the very important design element that talks with the administration. We designed two pieces of roof along with the tiered stand site with leaving the old retaining wall which we could not touch. They constitute a garage part and a house part, are isolated structurally and have a functional connection. The roof and the ceiling have the same incline, and a consecutive dynamic ceiling appears in the room and links an interior and an exterior design.

Type:House / Newly
Location:Totsuka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa, Japan
Design period:03/2015~06/2016
Construction period:07/2016~12/2016
Structure / Number of Floors:W / 2F
Building area:83.54sqm
Total floor area:123.78sqm
Structural engineer:Yasuhiro Kaneda / yasuhirokaneda STRUCTURE
Facility engineer:EOSplus
Builder:Daido Kogyo Co.
Photographer:Ippei Shinzawa

【Award】61th Kanagawa Architecture Concours ”environmental appeal award”
【Award】SD Review 2016 ”selected work”
【Exhibition】30’s Architect Exhibition selected by ARCHI-DEPOT STOCK / 2018
【Exhibition】U-35 Architects exhibition 2017
【Exhibition】SD review 2016
【Publication】ENGINE 04 / 2018
【Publication】OCEANS 04 / 2018
【Publication】Fine Steel Summer / 2017
【Publication】JUTAKUTOKUSHU 05 / 2017
【Publication】SD Review 2016
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【Web Media】ArchShowcase
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2016_対行政住宅 2016_Administrative house