姶良市蒲生複合新庁舎 Government office in Kamocho, Aira city



【Proposal】姶良市蒲生複合新庁舎プロポーザル ファイナリスト ※高栄智史、下舞設計と共同

[[ENGLISH]]This is a new construction plan for a new government office in Kamocho, Aira City, Kagoshima Prefecture. A wooden building with a tiled roof surrounds a strong concrete building that functions as a disaster prevention base, and it adapts to the surrounding environment of the samurai residences. Furthermore, we proposes a government building “Kamo Windmill” that disseminates information to all sides of the city. The core Okusu Hall functions as a citizen’s hall, with clear zoning that allows access to the library and administrative functions.

【Proposal】Proposal for government office in Kamocho, Aira city ”Finalist” *with Satoshi Takae and Shimomai Sekkei

2021_姶良市蒲生複合新庁舎 2021_Government office in Kamocho, Aira city