用  途:店舗 / 新築(C工事)
敷  地:長野県北佐久郡軽井沢町長倉
工  期:2022年4月~2022年7月
構造規模:S造 / 地上1階
施  工:カクイチ+mogumi
写  真:髙橋菜生

【Publication】商店建築5月号 / 2023

[[ENGLISH]]The bakery is located in a garage house built in Nakakaruizawa. The geographical characteristics of Nakakaruizawa have led to a clean plan to create the floors, fixtures and lighting entirely out of 105 x 105 rice pine, a timber used for distribution, in order to take in the continuity and undulations of the trees into the interior space. The floor is made of rice pine, shaved to a thickness of 15 millimeters, and pasted at intervals of 1 millimeter in order to follow expansion and contraction. Fixtures made of the same material rise up to guide the floor, creating a space where the undulations and pulse of the wood can be felt. Fixtures are movable and can be joined together in various ways to accommodate the daily changing display of bread. The use of wood as a mass to lower the center of gravity of the space allows a wide variety of breads to stand out.

Type:Shop / Newly(Interior work)
Location:Nagakura Karuizawamachi, Kitasakugun, Nagano, Tokyo, Japan
Design period:01/2022~03/2022
Construction period:04/2022~07/2022
Structure / Number of Floors:S / 1F
Total floor area:43.58sqm(tenant part)
Builder:KAKUICHI + mogumi
Fixtures manufacturer:Double Box
Photographer:Nao Takahashi

【Publication】SHOTENKENCHIKU 05 / 2023


[[ENGLISH]]Variations in fixtures layout


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