那須塩原市まちなか交流センター Nasushiobara-shi civic center



【Proposal】那須塩原市まちなか交流センタープロポーザル 佳作 ※I.R.A.と共同

[[ENGLISH]]On the site adjacent to Kuroiso street, which is the main street of Kuroiso Station, we will build an exchange center that links the scale of the area, such as houses and cellars. As a place for people of various ages and genders to gather, talk, and learn, the interior space of the building is opened in the city like a section, and it creates a lively space through food.

【Proposal】Proposal for Nasushiobara-shi civic center ”fine work” *with I.R.A.

2016_那須塩原市まちなか交流センター 2016_Nasushiobara-shi civic center