ID学園高等学校東京本部校 ID Gakuen high school in Tokyo



用  途:学校 / 改修
敷  地:東京都千代田区神田三崎町
工  期:2021年7月~2021年8月
構造規模:RC造 / 地上3階(テナント部分)
施  工:ルーヴィス
写  真:中山保寛

[[ENGLISH]]This is a renovation project for the third floor classrooms of ID Gakuen High School in a tenant building in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. Within the limited space, we set two concepts to create a place where students would want to stay. The first is a “corridor for various interactions”, where a long corridor around the classrooms will be used for various activities such as passing, studying, chatting and visiting, etc. The second is a “classroom for various uses”, where a sliding wall using the existing beams will create two classrooms, and wooden sliding doors on both sides can be opened to connect the classrooms and the corridor. By contrasting the spatial images of the classroom and the corridor, we attempt to visualize the boundary between the classroom and the non-classroom.

Type:School / Renovation
Location:Kandamisakicho Chiyoda-ku Tokyo Japan
Design period:02/2021~06/2021
Construction period:07/2021~08/2021
Structure / Number of Floors:RC / 3F(tenant part)
Total floor area:182.76sqm(tenant part)
Photographer:Yasuhiro Nakayama

2021_ID学園高等学校東京本部校 2021_ID Gakuen high school in Tokyo