蔵の縁【蔵の内】 Edge of the cellars【Inside the cellars】



【Award】第1回JIA東北支部空き家・空き地コンペ 優秀賞

[[ENGLISH]]The existing stone cellar in Kokubun-cho, Aoba-ku, Sendai city is left as it is, but the new cellars that inherits the design code surround the site and form the “Edge of the cellars”. The parking lot facing the town by this “Edge of the cellars” disappears, and it sublimates into a space with a mysterious scale called “Inside the cellars”.

【Award】Vacant house · vacant site competition by JIA Tohoku Chapter ”excellent work”

2017_蔵の縁【蔵の内】 2017_Edge of the cellars【Inside the cellars】