杉並建築展2023 Suginami Architecture Exhibition 2023

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作  品:住宅デザインの環境
写  真:DOG
主  催:杉並建築展実行委員会

[[ENGLISH]]We exhibited a youth settlement housing in Misato town, Shimane prefecture, 8 rooms in Fuchu, and a house looking up in Ichinomiya at the Suginami Architectural Exhibition 2023. This exhibition was given the theme of “Each Environment” and our exhibition was titled “Environment of Residential Design” and showed how residential design should be in each design environment, which has different requirements and aspects.

Work:Environment of Residential Design
Location:Vacant warehouse under elevated railway (between JR Asagaya and Koenji)
Exhibition period:25/02/2023~05/03/2023
Organizer:Suginami Architecture Exhibition Executive Committee

2023_杉並建築展 2023_Suginami Architecture Exhibition