7つのベクトル展 7 Vectors exhibition

7つのベクトル展 (2)

(CLT*Landscape) Houseを東北大学トンチクギャラリーに展示しました。出展作家7組による展示で、それぞれのモチベーションや思想が異なることから、展示台を7つのベクトル方向に分解し、「集まること」「共有しないこと」をテーマに作品を紹介しました。

作  品:(CLT*Landscape) House
写  真:千種成顕
主  催:東北大学

[[ENGLISH]](CLT * Landscape) House was exhibited in Tonchik Gallery, Tohoku University. It is an exhibition by 7 exhibiting artists, and each motivation and thought is different. Therefore, the exhibition stand was disassembled into seven vector directions, and the works were introduced under the theme of “collecting” and “not sharing.”

Work:(CLT*Landscape) House
Location:Tonchiku Gallery in Tohoku University
Exhibition period:13/12/2017~22/12/2017
Photographer:Nariaki Chigusa
Organizer:Tohoku University

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2017_7つのベクトル展 2017_7 Vectors exhibition