屋上は都市となりうるか Can the rooftop become the city?

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【Award】第31回学生設計優秀作品展(レモン展) 入賞・展示
【Award】JIA関東甲信越支部大学院修士設計展 入賞
【Award】トウキョウ建築コレクション2008 入賞・展示
【Award】東京理科大学大学院修士設計 最優秀賞
【Publication】第31回学生設計優秀作品展 -建築・都市・環境- 作品集

[[ENGLISH]]Along with the progress of urban housing, high density has caused problems such as minimization of common spaces of apartment and loss of neighborhood relations. In this plan, the mechanism for fostering common areas and neighborhood relationships will be transferred to the rooftop, which is still recognized as a dead space in the city. In other words, we are proposing effective use of the rooftop and reconstructing the common area of the apartment.

【Award】31th lemon exhibition of student’s works ”fine work”
【Award】Exhibition of student works for master’s degree ”fine work”
【Award】Tokyo architectural collection 2008 ”fine work”
【Award】Work for master’s degree in Tokyo university of science ”1st prize”
【Publication】Tokyo architectural collection 2008
【Publication】31th lemon exhibition of student’s works

2008_屋上は都市となりうるか 2008_Can the rooftop become the city?